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2010-01-12 17:43:16 by HappyBee

Here is a link to my youtube page! It has all of my other animations on there, for the most part. I couldn't put them on here because they weren't Flash animations. There's a mix of hand-drawn and claymation. Plus some Flash animations that I had saved as a Quicktime. Check it out!


2007-08-03 21:04:02 by HappyBee

I don't go on too often, (sorry I'm not as crazy about this sight as some users) so I only put up old stuff. I have to consentrate all my attention on my college portfolio. No time to make good stuff for flash. I'm going to be makeing a satire on a commertial for my comp graphics class, so maybe I'll post it when I'm done. Now I'm back to the college search! (so stressed out right now it's not even funny)